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Top ten reasons to choose the Foscam Surveillance Pro iPhone App
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By Maurice on August 15, 2011 popularity:
Q: Why should I buy Foscam Surveillance Pro instead of apps like CamViewer for Foscam, uFoscam, FOSCAM IP Control 2, FoscamViewer, IPCAM (Lite), Net CAM 2 / 4, Foscam Pro etc. Some of them are even for free.

A: There are 10 very good reasons for that.
1. My commitment

First of all I'm commited to make Foscam Surveillance Pro the application for supporting all the neat features Foscam and Foscam compatible cameras have. The focus on this one camera makes it possible for me to support all those features. Apps supporting a wide range of different cameras are more difficult to maintain.

2. Active development

I keep on introducing new features in the order of feature requests I get from users. The app is actively being developed. Some of the apps I mentioned above haven't had updates for a long period.

3. I consider all feature requests

I hear you, I read all your reviews in the App Store, I read al your support questions and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. I use all this information, combined with the feature requests you make to decide on what to focus.

4. New features are for free.

"I donI like Apple and I like their way of thinking and large parts of there sales models. However, I don't like their in-app purchases model and because I don't like it myself, I'm not bothering my users with it. My app doesn't need an in-app purchase for supporting more than 2 or 4 thumbnails.

Please also note that many free apps are not as free as you think. Some of them gather analytics while you are using your app (like CamViewer for Foscam which uses Flurry Analytics). Other free apps use advertisements (maybe not now, but they could be added) or they use the in-app purchase model as I mentioned above.

5. Intuitive design.

An intuitive and good to understand user interface design is something I find very important. I rethink changes multiple times before I decide to release them. If people are starting to ask questions like Where can I find this or that feature?, after answering them, I start thinking on how to improve the user interface to avoid such questions.

6. More than hundred brands and hundreds of supported camera models

"Hundreds of
camera models"Almost 20 different camera brands, more than hundreds models are supported. The app is called Foscam Surveillance Pro, but a lot of other brands are supported as well. For a complete list see However the focus is still on Foscam, but I'm monitoring changes in other branded cameras as well.

7. Manufacturer connections.

I've got close connections with the manufacturers, also because of some other apps I created. Not only with Foscam but also other major brands. If there are changes upcoming, I will hear them first, and I will make sure to support them as soon and as good as possible. Also, I know which cameras have issues and have implemented workarounds for them, transparently for you as an end-user.

8. Personal support.

I try to answer all support questions personally. There is nobody who hasn't got his Foscam camera working. I see one or two negative reviews about it, but honestly these people never contacted me or wanted any help. Furthermore there is an extensive support forum available, together with an up-to-date Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.

I read all reviews (some with the help of Google Translate). And yes, every bad review hurts me.

9. Good testing.

As the result of good testing the app is stable. That's a good basis to develop new features. Application crashes are unacceptable for me. Of course it never will be without bugs, that's why I need your help submitting any issues and feature requests on the support forum.

10. Good credentials

"20,000 users" My app has a worldwide rating of 4.5 stars from 1500+ reviews. I have almost 20,000 users and the app has been featured in more than 75 App Stores worldwide.
Copyright © 1999-2010 by Maurice de Bijl. This article was published on 2011-08-15 in

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Click for more details  2011-10-24 20:32:13 posted by Bob Freeman
The app sounds great but I need 2 way audio. When will it arrive?
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Click for more details  2012-03-03 03:02:41 posted by adir
Hi there,
It is a great app but the audio function that's meessing is a must.
Please tell me will it ever arrive? and if so - when?

It has been submitted for review by Apple so please hold on a little while longer.
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Click for more details  2012-03-17 20:16:42 posted by Anthony
Does your software work with the new smarthome ip camera?

My app is specially designed with Foscam MJPEG cameras, but most MJPEG cameras can be added as by entering the URL of the videostream. Controlling non-Foscam compatible cameras is not posisble.
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