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By Maurice on March 25, 2010 (updated on April 16, 2010) in amd  blog  how-to's  linux  popularity: language: English
k10ctl is a tool to configure your Phenom II (K10) processor from a Linux commandline. You can use it to change the frequency and voltage of the CPU and NorthBridge for each 'powerstate'. It's a very powerful tool. However it's also a little hard, thus error prone, to use.
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By Maurice on March 30, 2010 in amd  how-to's  linux  popularity: language: English 1 comment
Cpufreq scales the frequency of your processor - if it supports it - according to the load. This technique is also known as frequency throttling. Intel calls it SpeedStep, AMD calls it Cool 'n Quiet. It can save a lot of power when the system is idle, thus ideal for your home server. But the features of cpufreq are a little bit limited. Cpufreqd extends those features by wrapping cpufreq. With cpufreqd (with a D) you can scale the frequency of your processor according to your server's conditions like (CPU) temperature, specific processes that are running... you can even overclock your system when you need the extra processing power!

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By Maurice on March 28, 2010 in amd  how-to's  linux  tweaking  popularity: language: English 1 comment
This is my story about replacing a power efficient processor in my 24/7 Linux home server with a more power hungry one. And configuring it in a way it even consumes about the same amount of watts.... and and... still have it provide the performance when it needs to.

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By Maurice on October 6, 2008 (updated on March 24 2010) in amd  how-to's  linux  opensuse  diy projects  server room  virtualisatie  popularity: language: Dutch 6 comments
Mijn server moet groener. Niet de kleur van de kast, maar zuiniger. Niet vanwege het milieu - fuck het milieu - maar vanwege de portomonee. Ik kwam er achter dat mijn server 150 watt verstookt, wat op jaarbasis zo'n EUR.280 kost. Dat moet minder. In dit artikel een beschrijving van mijn zoektocht naar een zuinigere server.

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By Maurice on March 23, 2010 in amd  blog  news  popularity: language: Dutch
Een interessant stukje over de performance van AMD Phenom II C3 stepping wanneer de processor in de 'C1E' powersave mode staat. Als je niet weet waar ik het nu allemaal weer over heb, dan dit artikel gewoon lekker links laten liggen .
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By Maurice on March 22, 2010 in amd  blog  overclocking  tweaking  popularity: language: English
In my search for a processor upgrade for my 'green' home server I mainly looked at the TDP (thermal design power) ratings. Not until later I realised how these values relate to the number of cores and speed of the processor.
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