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This section hosts some of my software projects I've been working on. See here for my portfolio.
The files archive contains more of my software.

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By Maurice on November 24, 2002 (updated on March 27 2004) in downloads  photography  pocketpc  windows  popularity: language: English 6 comments
Snappixx is software to remote control your Nikon Coolpix digital camera through a serial cable. It is available for both Windows and PocketPC platforms.

It has been downloaded thousands of times and the article has been requested more than 30000 times!
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By Maurice on February 4, 2001 (updated on March 10 2002) in downloads  encryption  linux  pocketpc  windows  popularity: language: English
Maxor is a tool to encrypt and decrypt files in a fast but relative secure way. Versions have been released for DOS, Linux, Windows and even WindowsCE. To gain trust, the sourcecode of the engine can also be downloaded! Its simplicity is its strength...
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By Maurice on June 2, 2001 in downloads  windows  popularity: language: English
Vehicle Speed Calibrator is a tool to measure the speed of a vehicle. This is done by measuring the time elapsed for a given distance. It was originally designed to calibrate car speed clocks, but it can be used in a much wider range. Features and requirements Features * Distance in meters or feet * Speed in km/h or mph * Possibility to enter distance or time manually * Log window with all measurements * Saving all measurements in log window to a .csv (comma separated values)...
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