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By Maurice on December 23, 2008 (updated on December 28, 2008) in how-to's  linux  opensuse  scripts  ubuntu  popularity: language: Dutch
Voor mijn oudste zoon (desondanks is hij nog maar vier) heb ik een PC-tje samengesteld met Edubuntu erop. Ook een wireless kaartje erin, maar ik wil niet dat hij dezelfde sites als zijn vader bezoekt op verkeerde sites terecht komt.

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By Maurice on December 12, 2004 (updated on May 3 2008) in downloads  scripts  silvermine  popularity: language: English
Silvermine is an easy to configure photoalbum PHP script. It enables you to browse and view pictures in your favorite webbrowser in a very intuitive way (so even your family will understand ).

New Silvermine scripts have been released with PHP5 support and on-the-fly image generation. No need to have writeable directories anymore! Many bugs have been fixed and much testing has been done.
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By Maurice on October 9, 2003 (updated on February 1 2005) in downloads  programming  scripts  popularity: language: English
Recently I created a pair of Perl scripts to assist me with a reverse engineering job for a pocketpc application. The scripts parse assembly code which is re-engineered by IDA and create a GraphVis .dot file of it. This .dot file can be used with GraphVis to create a graphical representation of the branches within the code. There are two kind of scripts: * and * The first one looks for jumps to other subroutines, the second one looks for jumps to other memory locations. It is...
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